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We believe no individual should go to bed hungry

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Food From Love

Food from Love Limited is a registered non-profit organisation which began operating in April 2016. Based in the London Borough of Hackney, Food from Love has been established for the purpose of tackling issues around homelessness, in particular by feeding the homeless, disadvantaged and those in need.

Food from Love’s mission statement is, “no individual should go to bed hungry”.

It has recently become nothing out of the ordinary seeing a homeless person on our streets or people asking for money or food. There is not a day that you walk through the main areas of Hackney and not witness what is going in our borough. How individuals have been brought to such a level degradation and pain. And this is what people have to go through on a daily basis, with little hope of seeing an end to their circumstances. Help is required to make a change.

Food Business

As a food business you can support us by donating food and meals to give to the local organisations which feed the homeless and less fortunate. Financial donations will also be welcome.


As a business you can support us by financial donations and various types of fundraising and sponsorships which will help us to support those who are in need.


As a homeless organisation you can enjoy the benefit of receiving regular food donations to supply to your service users. You can also act as a provider that we could signpost individuals to access relevant resources for self-improvement and development.  


As an individual you can support us by giving financial donations, volunteering, and also by arranging community fundraising and sponsored events.


It’s easy to show your support. Please contact us at Food from Love to express your area of interest.




Support Us

Food from Love currently donates to various organisations in different locations in Hackney and planning to reach many more.

Your donations will contribute towards helping more people in need via a variety new projects and outreach programmes to be delivered in the East London area. In addition we are also seeking to purchase a van which will allow us cover more ground geographically and therefore make us able to help more people.

You can therefore donate any amount, nothing is too small or too large.

Thanking you in advance for your generosity.

Latest News

Do you have a good news story? We would therefore love to hear from you. Please share by emailing us at

About The Founder

Carol Lawrence is the Founder and CEO of Food from Love. She has over 13 years of experience working on Welfare to Work programmes, which was when she encountered a lot of disadvantaged people. The individuals involved experience many barriers in life that prevent them from moving forward. One of the major barriers concerned is homelessness, which as we know presents a wide range of other issues.

Carol has always had a passion for working with this client group and has always wanted to make a personal difference in their lives. As a result Carol began Food from Love in April 2016, and through Food from Love Carol has been able to make a positive impact within her own community of Hackney and help a number of people.

Carol's idea for Food from Love came about following her Christian values by reaching to people in the community and meeting a practical need in their lives. Hence, meeting the practical needs of the hungry is what she set out to do.

Carol takes great pleasure from connecting with partners as she collects the food donations, as well as engaging with the organisations and end users, to ensure that everyone is fed.




Carol Lawrence

CEO & Founder


Mike, Outreach Manager for North London Action for the Homeless

'We really appreciate Carol from Food from Love coming here to North London Action for the Homeless every week. She brings lots of lovely stuff. We prepare a main meal, soup and dessert for the clients but then they get lots of extra stuff they can take away and for people sleeping rough that's very useful so we can provide food for the service users for 2 days instead of at the one session. No fuss involved and Carol gives us no extra work. We appreciate it the donations from Food from Love and we'll welcome it for as long as it may it lasts'.


Zara, St Mungos Homeless Charity:

'Once a week Food from Love works with a local Greggs bakery and delivers delicious donated food to our women's hostel. Our clients really enjoy and look forward to the donation, thank you Food from Love and long may it continue!'

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