About Us

Food from Love seeks food donations from local high street restaurants and food retailers. Food from Love would pass on these donations to the local organisations that work with the homeless including; charities, hostels/ shelters and soup kitchens.  

Food from Love as an organisation has both short and long term goals.

Our short term goal is give an individual food to eat and overcome the hunger and ensuring they do not go to bed hungry. We also signpost individuals in need to services that could benefit them including; the whereabouts of local night shelters and other beneficial outlets.

The long term goal is to help alleviate homelessness and poverty in this nation. This would be achieved by taking positive steps to bring the changes that will impact the lives of the people affected. Ultimately we want them to be able to move in line with the dynamics of the live changes that are going on around them, and therefore encourage them to be a part of that growth by offering access to various resources that will help them.

To summarise, both long and short term goals will be accomplished by caring and extending the hand of love to others through giving and not ignoring an individual's pain and suffering.

Left: North London Action for the Homeless having a little bit of fun with an empty Greggs cake box!

Homelessness In Hackney

At present, Food from Love is focused towards the feeding of the homeless and disadvantaged in Hackney.

It has recently become a usual occurrence seeing a homeless person on the streets of Hackney asking for money or food. There is not a day that you walk through the main areas of the borough without experiencing this. It can be clearly seen how individuals have been brought to a level degradation and pain, and are forced to live this way with little hope of seeing an end to their circumstances. As well as rough sleepers there are also a number of other disadvantaged groups including the poor and those who are living in hostels that also live in socially deprived situations.

According to the PE1 forms submitted along with the figures obtained from DCLG in 2014/15 it has determined that Hackney has an extremely high level of homelessness. Where there are 8.2 homelessness acceptances for every 1,000 households (this is equivalent to 1% of households being accepted as homeless).

It has been also established that the majority of Homelessness according to the stats for the UK exists in East London, of which Hackney is in third line after Waltham Forest and Barking and Dagenham.